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Meeting our friends

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Meeting our friends

Сообщение Хелен Кэт » 10 июл 2012, 00:45

написано глазами взрослого, как воспоминания о школе

Oh, my heart beats really fast.
It`s because of day which`ve begun just.
Today my friends will meet again.
I was waiting then so long but when
They are standing next to me
I feel good, I`m so happy, I can be
So kind, they make me love each man.
And I wait for meeting friends again.

When I see them, we will talk about
Our past, after that we will go out.
We`ll recall our favourite school days.
We will laugh at past stories and amaze.

When we were very small, we didn`t think
`bout the time when the teacher`ll ask to sing
A song with words 'my school, goodbye'.
Then friends stood on the stage and had to cry.

We left our school not long ago.
Now we`re students, but we want to know
All about our teachers` lives.
We will visit them a lot of times.
They will talk with us and with so much
Luck and happiness, with to keep in touch
With their pupils and, of cours, with them.
Now my friends came to school and here I am.

I was on my best friends wedding day.
She invited classmates, so I say:
When I marry, first of all I`ll call
My old friends and I will invite them all.
But while we`re students, we can only go
To a birthday - all these dates we know!
And who`s abroad phones us every date and sends
Presents but he comes for meeting our friends.
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Re: Meeting our friends

Сообщение Кот Белый » 10 июл 2012, 19:51

Как же плохо быть безграмотным Котом! Я же ничегошеньки не понимааааааю! Ну, переведите же кто-нибудь!!!!!
Живи так, чтобы рядом с тобой было светло
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Re: Meeting our friends

Сообщение noisefield » 24 июл 2012, 00:13

вполне занимательно
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